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Based in the heart of New York City, The Locke Group is a specialist executive search firm which partners with some of the most well-respected companies in investment banking and markets, asset management, and alternative investments.

As a boutique, we are deeply invested in our clients – our care for their experience and the experience of their candidates is second to none – and we possess both the strength and flexibility to deliver results which help to power their business.

Why Choose a Boutique?


Given the wide availability of search partners, why choose a boutique? The answer is simple – boutiques are more invested in you. As a boutique, The Locke Group is deeply invested in our clients’ success – and it shows in our results. Your strategic success matters to our business, so we work hard to deliver the best talent to power yours.


Beyond results, you deserve a better experience. When you pick a boutique, you pick a partner who is attentive and committed to delivering a professional client experience. The Locke Group takes that commitment to the next level with its focus on the candidate experience. We believe if you want to land top talent in the industry, you need to provide the best experience. Have you considered how your search partners are reflecting on you?

Read our Candidate Experience Manifesto

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Perhaps most importantly, ‘Boutique’ means flexibility. Like a gymnast, boutiques are strong and flexible – they have the strength to get the results you need without the rigidity of larger firms. When you work with The Locke Group, you get flexibility without sacrificing any measure of strength or quality.

Have you ever felt less than satisfied with the service you’ve received? Experience a more personalized approach – talk to a Partner about how we can tailor our services to your unique needs.

Last but not least, ‘Boutique’ means accessible. Don’t believe us? Try picking up the phone and calling us at 212.430.2024 – we are available and excited to learn more about you.

Our Leadership

Sean Locke

Managing Partner and Founder

Sean Locke founded The Locke Group in 2003. He is a veteran of the executive search industry with more than two decades of experience placing leaders in investment banking and markets, asset management, and alternative investments. His network and approach ensure that clients have access to superior talent who are otherwise unavailable.

Sean directs search strategy for all retained engagements, while personally overseeing the work of our Investment Banking & Markets and Asset Management practices. In addition, he sets the strategic direction of the firm and spends time mentoring its search consultants.

Sean received a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology from Ithaca College. He enjoys living in Westchester with his wife, two children, and playing guitar and golf. Reach-out and get to know him.

Thomas Hudson

Partner, Head of Quantitative Services

Tom joined The Locke Group in 2014. He has seven years of industry experience and is an expert in quant and technical talent for investment and markets organizations. He leads our Quantitative Services practice and made Partner in 2019.

Tom has executed retained and contingent searches in quantitative investments, research, data, AI/ML, and risk management for some of the industry’s leading teams. Beyond his duties in search, he supports Sean in setting company strategy.

Tom received a Bachelor of Science in Development Sociology from Cornell University. He enjoys his life in the City with his wife, working on his squash game, and loves both science fiction and real-world, emerging technology.

Our Process

The Locke Group follows a consultative and systematic recruitment process.
As a boutique, our drive to deliver high-touch service to our clients and candidates is central to our strategy and to our identity. We believe the best search consultants are systematic in their approach, and we take it one step further by coupling a systematic approach with thoughtful service.


Immediately upon engagement, we commence our discovery process. We will get to know you, your people, your unique culture, and gain an understanding of your principal needs. Details matter – we are expert in asking questions and will unearth any hidden elements which may prove critical to executing your search.

During this stage, we will function as a critical source of information to you and will help to shape both your target candidate profile and inform your search strategy. We’re consultative, but our goal is to reflect your wishes in an excellent manner.

Strategy Development

Following discovery, we will crystalize and communicate our search strategy to you in two parts – target talent and message.

As industry specialists, we put a great deal of effort into mapping the talent landscape down to the team and individual level. With your target candidate profile in mind, we will leverage our knowledge of the landscape to identify the full universe of relevant talent available to you, including hard-to-reach passive candidates.

Beyond their knowledge of the landscape, elite search consultants provide a great deal of value to their clients in the message they craft and take to the marketplace. As representatives of your company, we believe our message is your brand. It will create a lasting impression and if delivered properly, it will enhance the way you are viewed by top talent. This why we take such care to get to know you during the Discovery stage – your opportunity is unique, and we’re uniquely effective in communicating it to the market.


We are a persistent and systematic in our approach – we believe the best search consultants deliver top talent to their clients because they persist in delivering a well-crafted message to the market. When you hire The Locke Group, you hire consultants who will persevere in reaching hard-to-get talent and who will deliver a consistent, attractive message.

Through each successive stage – short-listing, interviewing, selection, and negotiation – we will function as a reliable source of feedback, competitive intelligence, and will consult with you on how to close your top choice.

We’re serious about Execution. Interested in learning more? Click to read about our Performance-Driven Solutions model and how we’re turning the classic retained search model on its head.