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Performance-Driven Solutions

Traditional recruitment solutions aren’t serving the needs of today’s market.

Hiring companies must attract top talent but are under increasing pressure to reduce recruitment costs. At the same time, technology and high competition are shortening recruitment timelines. The best candidates show the most engagement with the employers who provide an excellent candidate experience but who are responsive and respect their time.

How can leadership justify retaining executive search firms which command top dollar, yet often perform slowly? Contingent recruiters are the first alternative – they work quickly and more cheaply, but don’t always provide a great experience. Why subject top talent to the scatter gun of competing contingent recruiters?

We have the alternative — we call it Performance-Driven Solutions (PDS).

PDS is a high-touch recruitment model driven by the alignment of interests between each party involved in the recruitment process – the candidate, the hiring company, and the search consultant. It provides an excellent experience and satisfies the need for speed, while offering a savings opportunity to our clients. Here’s how it works:

1. Recruitment Process Design
  • Upon engagement, The Locke Group consults with our client company to optimize their entire recruitment process, from identification to assessment and selection, with the aim of providing an excellent and efficient experience
  • Bottlenecks and pain-points are identified
  • Client and The Locke Group agree upon recommend changes
2. Internal Alignment
  • Company leadership takes the necessary steps to align people and process
  • Key stakeholders have clarity on process and timeline before the search begins
3. Retained Search
  • The Locke Group initiates and executes a full-service retained search process on an efficient timeline (see what’s included in our Retained Search overview)
4. Fees & Financial Incentives
  • Fee payments are tied to milestones – e.g. presentation of a long-list, interview milestones, and an accepted offer, not 30- and 60-day timelines
  • However, savings on total fees are granted if the team meets agreed time-goals. For example…
    1. …25% savings for accepted offer within 2 months
    2. …10% savings for accepted offer within 4 months
    3. Time-goals are adjustable in both directions, dependent on your wishes

We are on a mission to make our clients more competitive for top talent and can deliver at a price point which is attractive compared to leading executive search firms (up to 25% savings). If you believe you can align the people in your organization and are prepared to act, let us show how executive search is done on a performance-driven model.

Retained Search

Retained search is a comprehensive consulting service suited to mission-critical, sensitive, highly specialized, or leadership hires. Retained search consultants act as advisors to their clients and go beyond simple recruitment as a service to guide a search from the initial definition of the role to assisting to the integration of the new hire with the team. Often defined by the depth of understanding they build of their client companies and their candidates, retained search consultants become close partners to their clients and have a profound impact on their success.

As a boutique, The Locke Group is deeply invested in our clients, making us a natural choice to lead their most critical searches. We possess rich knowledge of the industry down to the team and individual level and can offer our clients both valuable intelligence and access to hard-to-reach talent. Each retained search is Partner-led and staffed by a dedicated team.

Our differentiator lies in our performance-driven solutions model. We are especially effective at designing a search process which creates alignment and allows our clients to identify, assess, and win top talent more swiftly than their competitors. Like all of our search solutions, fees are paid at pre-agreed milestones. Ask us how we can help you be more competitive and save you money.

What’s included:

  • Comprehensive consulting and recruitment service
  • Consulting on definition of the role and recruitment process design
  • Detailed market-mapping
  • A comprehensive long-list
  • Access to diverse, passive, and high-achieving talent
  • Thorough screening, competitive intelligence, and candidate-specific reporting
  • Experienced closers
  • Onboarding and integration services, including candidate coaching

Contingency Search

Contingent search is a basic form of recruitment as a service, suited to teams who need help recruiting juniors, less-specialized staff, or who simply need to augment their existing pipeline.

The Locke Group performs contingent searches for our clients where it overlaps with our areas of expertise and our promise is simple – we’ll deliver a pipeline of fully qualified candidates.

While our performance-driven philosophy informs our work, we are typically not able to provide the same depth of consultation or guarantee of service as we would under a retained search agreement. However, we do pride ourselves on being consultative, knowing our markets, and working swiftly, so our clients do find the service to add value above and beyond the typical contingent recruitment provider. Interested in learning more?

Customized Solutions

As a boutique, we promise flexibility. Whereas larger firms are often more regimented in their offerings, we have the flexibility to deliver customized solutions which fit our clients’ specific needs. Each service below is available in conjunction with our core search offerings and as stand-alone services (research services are included in all retained search projects).


– Up-to-date mapping of relevant companies, teams, and leaders, including notes on “recent-joiners/recent-leavers” and reporting relationships.

Long-list – Go beyond Market Mapping services to receive a pipeline crafted by our search team with a “long-list” of suggested candidates and more detailed market intelligence.

Compensation research & reporting – From our perch, we have the position to produce highly targeted compensation reports and undertake specific benchmarking analyses on behalf of our clients

Wholesale solutions

A retained recruitment agreement spanning two or more hires. We can help you reduce your annual spend with an engagement for multiple hires. Especially useful for team build-out and growth scenarios.

Flexible fee arrangements

Flat fees
– available for all searches, including retained

Caps and floors – ceilings and floors on fees

Performance incentives – savings for speedy hires

Interested in learning more? Let us show you what we can do.

If you would like to learn more about our services or list a position with us,
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