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Announcing The Locke Group

  • May 09, 2019
  • Sean Locke

Announcing The Locke Group

To our clients, candidates, and friends—I am excited to announce that Locke Careers Inc. has re-branded as The Locke Group (TLG). It’s a simple change in name, but one which reflects a story of excellence, growth, and the opportunity to provide a better recruitment solution to the marketplace.

In 16 years since our founding, Locke Careers has served the recruitment needs of some of the most successful and well-respected companies across investment banking, asset management, alternatives, and fintech. As a boutique, we built our reputation on the concept of quality, by taking a consultative, flexible approach, and by internalizing our clients’ strengths in order to represent them in the best way possible. This approach will always be in our DNA.

I am proud to say that company has evolved. Our market expertise has deepened along with our relationships, allowing us to undertake and fulfill many of our clients’ most critical hires. We have formed a nuanced understanding of the industry landscape and constructed living market-maps with exceptional detail. With a consistent approach and deepening expertise, we have built a track-record of delivering hard-to-reach leadership and specialized talent.

But through this experience, we have come to believe that traditional search providers aren’t meeting the needs of today’s market. Retained search providers provide an excellent service but are often focused on the sale and rigid on cost. Contingent search providers work quickly and more cheaply, but the experience they provide is not suited for leaders or elusive specialist talent.

Thus, we have re-branded as The Locke Group to provide a new kind of solution – we call it Performance-Driven Solutions (PDS). PDS is a high-touch recruitment model which is driven by the alignment of interests in the recruitment process. The model allows us to deliver top talent and an excellent experience swiftly, and at a significant savings compared to executive search providers. At TLG, our mission is to make our clients more competitive for top talent while providing a cost-sensitive recruitment solution. We’d welcome the opportunity to show you how it can work for you.

In closing, I’d like to take a moment to thank our clients past and current for partnering with us over the past 16 years. Your partnership shaped our mission and defined who we are. We are re-branding, but our DNA remains the same. As a boutique, we will continue to offer flexibility and high-touch service while forging ahead on our current path. We look forward to serving you through the remainder of 2020 and beyond.

Warm regards,

Sean Locke, Managing Partner and Founder