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(II) How far will asset management pay fall?

  • May 15, 2020
  • Thomas Hudson

(Institutional Investor) How far will asset management pay fall? 

Johnson Associates, a compensation consultancy, gives projections for 2020 bonus expectations (relative to 2019), with down numbers across the board (almost). Private wealth and traditional active managers can expect 75-80% of their 2019 numbers, while hedge fund and private equity professionals will be down less (in that order). In each category, exceptions can be made based on the size or strategy of the company, with some macro and even-driven strategies as notable outperformers in Q1. In our experience, individual performance is a significant driver in line with firm-wide performance.

Up on the 18th floor, equity and fixed income sales/trading teams at the Banks should look forward to a 15-20% increase in bonus incentives.